• Automatic Waste Metal Baler Machine Delivery

    Metal balers will be shipped soon. This is a Y81 series double main cylinder hydraulic metal baler, the pressure of the main cylinder is 6300KN, it adopts hydraulic drive, PLC automatic control system, easy operation and convenient maintenance. This machine is suitable for the metal recycling pro...
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  • 2023 Dalongkai Hydraulic Machine Start Working

    Today is January 29, 2023, our Jiangsu Dalongkai Technology Co., Ltd. officially started construction! New year and new expectations, I hope the company will get better and better, and the performance of our foreign trade department will be improved to a higher level!
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  • Hydraulic Metal Compactor Scrap Metal Baler Shipping To Myanmar

    Scrap metal hydraulic baler is one of our main products of Dalongkai. Its main function is to pack and compress various scrap metal materials into regular cuboid blocks. The one sent to Myanmar today is the Y81 series 630-ton hydraulic scrap metal baler. This metal baler is a medium and large hyd...
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  • Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shearing Machine Packaging & Shipping

    Today’s delivery is a scrap metal shearing machine, which is different from gantry shears and box shears. This is a multi-head scrap metal shearing machine, which can be customized according to customer needs and can cut various scraps. metal material. Our hydraulic scrap metal shearing mac...
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  • Metal Baler Accessories Shipping To Thailand Today

    The products shipped to Thailand today are all accessories for hydraulic metal balers, mainly including side thrust cylinders, motors, sealing rings, etc. If you need hydraulic machine accessories, we can also sell them separately. We, Dalongkai, focus on R&D and production of hydraulic scrap...
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  • Large Hydraulic Metal Baler Machine Packaging & Shipping

    The Y81 series is a 1,500-ton heavy-duty scrap metal baler, which can pack and compress various scrap metal scraps such as scrap copper, scrap iron, scrap steel, and scrap aluminum. It is suitable for steel mills, scrap steel recycling industries, non-ferrous, black metal smelting industry. The m...
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  • Y81QF-800 Heavy Scrap Metal Baler Shipping To India

    The hydraulic metal baler shipped today is the 800-ton model of the Y81 series. This metal baler is about to be shipped to India. According to customer needs, the baler is equipped with an automatic forward turning device, which is very convenient for metal bales to be discharged. The color of th...
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  • 630 Tons Pressure Hydraulic Metal Baler Machine Shipping

    The scrap metal baler is suitable for scrap metal recycling industries such as waste recycling stations, waste material recycling companies, and steel mills. We, Dalongkai, are a professional manufacturer of scrap metal recycling equipment. Our main product is hydraulic metal baler. The 630-ton m...
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  • WS-630 Horizontal metal Container shear Packaging & Shipping

    The WS-630 scrap metal horizontal box shear that was loaded today is hydraulically driven and is mainly used in the waste material recycling and processing industry. Small and medium-sized steel mills are used for cutting scrap metal with various cross-sectional shapes such as round steel, square...
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  • 250t Hydraulic Waste Metal Baler Machine SHipping

    Hydraulic scrap metal baler  machine is mainly used in steel mills, metal recycling and processing industries and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries. Y81 series metal baler is a multifunctional scrap metal briquetting machine (hydraulic baler), which can reduce the volume of scrap ...
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  • Introduction Of Gantry Shearing Machine

    The gantry shear industry is developing rapidly and the market competition is fierce. The scale of my country’s packaging machinery and equipment is continuously expanding with the development of science and technology, and it is accelerating the advancement of opto-mechanical integration a...
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  • 800 Tons Heavy Metal Scrap Gantry Shear Packaging & Shipping

    Our Dalongkai produces large and medium-sized hydraulic machinery and equipment. The main products are hydraulic metal balers, hydraulic metal shears, metal chip briquetting machines, etc. The machine shipped this time is a heavy-duty scrap metal shear with a master cylinder pressure of 800 tons....
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